What is the Project Report for Bank Loan ? Parts for Project Report

What is the Project Report for Bank Loan?

If you need take loan from Bank for your Business or new start-up then bank will require project report of your Business. The project report includes details of the business Manufacturing process,  Machinery and equipment detail, requirement of raw material,  project site analysis, Total cost of Project, source of finance, utilization of funds, manpower requirement etc.

The project has not any specific format. You can prepare project report according to your project/Business

  • Executive Summary of the Project

The Summary includes the detail of a brief introduction of the company, need and justification of the project, process description, required and available resources, land-use and proposed infrastructure, project schedule, cost estimate, source and utilization of funds etc.

  • Scope & prospects of the business

The current and future scope should be described in the project report. The domestic and well as international scenario of technical and financial should be mention in project report.

  • Details of promoters

Promoters educational qualification and experience in business should be include in project report.

  • Land, Machinery, Manpower, raw material and Electricity required detail.

Land, Plant & Machinery, required manpower, raw material and fuel & electricity requirements and availability detail with estimated cost should be included in project report.

  • Market scenario of finished product

The market scenario of domestic as well as international should be includes in project report. The consumer profile of the project in question, about the prospects of scaling up & target customers.

  • Cost of project

The Details about the investment required along with the specifications should be included in project report. This is essentially the cost of the project.

  • Sources of finance

Source of finance means, how the required funds are being sourced. Details about the owned & external funds i.e. Capital and Loans.

  • Projected financial statement

It includes the financial statements such as Balance sheet, Profit & loss account

  • Financial Projections

Quantitative projection on Income, expenses, sources of funds & application of funds

  • Ratio analysis:

Computation & analysis of financial statements through key ratio & their implications is required. Advertisement

  • Funds flow Statement

Fund flow statement showing where funds sourced and where its utilised.

  • Breakeven analysis:

Analysis of the breakeven point of the project, it’s feasibility in terms of cost & benefits

  • Conclusion:

Conclusion about the project, about its strengths, weakness, opportunities & threats