Summary of changes made regarding KYC of DIN vide MCA notification dated July 25, 2019


  1. KYC of DIN on annual basis by 30th September is mandatory;
  2. KYC of DIN allotted during a financial year can be made only by way of filing of DIR 3 KYC by 30th September of next financial year;
  3. KYC of DIN in respect of which DIR-3 KYC has been made in previous years can be made by filing following forms by 30th September of the respective financial year:

a. DIR-3 KYC WEB – if there is no update in information;

b. DIR-3 KYC – if there is a change in information.

4. Filing of above forms can be made after 30th September with additional fees of Rs. 5000/-;

5. It appears any updation in mobile/email can be made only on annual basis through form DIR 3 KYC and not through DIR-3 KYC WEB.